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Offering a practical storage solution for frozen goods, the Essentials C99CF13 Chest Freezer has a capacity of 99 litres.This Chest Freezer is ideal as primary or additional storage for frozen food.With a removable basket it's easy to locate the... Find out more
The Currys Essentials CUF50W12 Undercounter Freezer is designed to fit perfectly into any kitchen style.Compact storageThe Currys Essentials CUF-50W12 is the perfect size to slot under a kitchen work surface and have your frozen food readily... Find out more
Affordable, economical and reliable, the Logik L150CFW13 Chest Freezer is a simple storage solution for those hard-to-store frozen goods.Cool storageThe large 150-litre storage capacity provides sufficient storage space for a family's frozen goods... Find out more
Stylish, modern and spacious, the Logik L200CFW14 Chest Freezer has a large 198-litre capacity that allows you to stock up on frozen goods.It's equipped with two storage baskets to help you neatly organise meat and other produce.Its counterbalance... Find out more
This immaculate white Essentials CUF55W12 Undercounter Freezer boasts loads of great features that make keeping your food hassle free.SuperfreezeThe Essentials undercounter freezer slots neatly into just about any kitchen surrounding and adds a... Find out more
Keep more frozen goods with this Logik L200CFB15 Chest Freezer, great for family households and as a backup appliance if you like to bulk buy food.Saving space while storing plentyThis compact chest freezer doesn't take up excess floor space, but... Find out more
The A+ energy rated Indesit UIAA12 Tall Freezer stores your frozen goods efficiently, keeping the temperature low and the bills low too!The sleek white freezer will stand tall with style in any kitchen. You won't have trouble storing your goods... Find out more
The Essentials C-61CF13 Chest Freezer comes in white, delivering a winning combination of quality and simplicity in a superb all-round product.Stores loads without being bulkyWith its 60 litre storage capacity, this Essentials freezer offers... Find out more
The compact Lec U50052W Mini Freezer is a simple storage solution for your frozen goods - this table-top appliance is small enough to be placed almost anywhere!Mini freezer, mega performanceThe 4-star freezer has a 32-litre capacity, allowing... Find out more
Make the most of available space and enjoy effective home freezing with the compact and convenient white Zanussi ZFG06400WA Undercounter Freezer. A freezer that fits Offering 63 litres of storage space, this compact freezer is perfect for... Find out more
With the Essentials CTFF55W14 Tall Freezer in your home, you'll have plenty of space to store all your frozen goods long-term, safely and hygienically.Big freezer drawersTake advantage of 145 litres of dedicated freezer space, split between five... Find out more
The matte silver Beko FXF465S Tall Freezer is great for storing large volumes of frozen food and can also be used in outdoor spaces like your garage or utility room.Robust food storageBecause it's equipped with Beko's Freezer Guard technology, the... Find out more
A sleek and stylish design, the Beko FXS5043S Undercounter Freezer will fit into your kitchen layout easily and provide accommodating storage.A cool freezeThis Beko freezer has a 102-litre storage capacity and three compartments for easy storing.... Find out more
With its large, deep drawers and reversible door, the Hotpoint CTZ55G Undercounter Freezer in graphite makes a great addition to any home - big or small.With an A+ for energy, this Hotpoint freezer runs very economically to save you money on your... Find out more
The pristine white Beko FXF5033W Undercounter Freezer is a space saving solution for any kitchen.Small but perfectly formedThe Beko FXF-5033W Freezer has a storage capacity of 75 litres, making it perfect for the smaller household, or for overflow... Find out more
A sleek and stylish design with a reversible door, the Beko FXS5043W Undercounter Freezer will attractively sit under any kitchen counter.A cool freezeThis Beko freezer has a 102 litre storage capacity and three compartments for easy storing.... Find out more
Install this Essentials CIF60W14 Integrated Undercounter Freezer and enjoy a large space to safely freeze food for your family.Convenient built-in freezerThis four-star freezer will get your fresh groceries frozen in very little time, helping you... Find out more

Whether stocking up for a party, shopping on a budget or planning for meals a week ahead, upright freezers can save your family time and money. With ample storage and fantastic functions our upright freezers mean you can afford to take advantage of supermarket specials and stock up on those two for one offers. Upright freezers are perfect for any family home in need of plenty of freezer space.


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