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If you’d love a fresh cup of coffee that doesn’t involve a long queue, cardboard cup and a hefty daily coffee budget, then consider a coffee machine from Currys and make your own coffee shop quality brew at home.

If you’re an espresso addict, it’s worth investing in a good quality pump operated espresso coffee maker, while cappuccino fans will want the inclusion of a milk frother.

Our filter coffee makers are a convenient alternative and for the ultimate no-mess, easy-to-operate solution, then the increasingly popular pod coffee machines are the answer. We also sell coffee accessories such as grinders and milk frothers.

So whether you are looking to kit out your kitchen with some new gadgets, or to simply make your morning routine easier, you can always count on Currys to help you find the right appliance for your kitchen. As well as coffee machines, Currys also stock a fantastic range of cookers, hobs, and microwaves.