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Top features: - Perfectly cooked steak every time using sensor technology - Superb results with a variety of cooking programmes Perfectly cooked steak Whether you prefer your steak well-done or rare, the OptiGrill+ takes the guess-work out of... Find out more
Top features: - Adjustable height grill stops delicate food getting squashed - Adjustable feet for fat run-off into drip tray - Premium non-stick plates are easy to clean - Variable temperature control for perfect results Adjustable height... Find out more
Top features: - Eat healthier and grill with up to 42% less fat - Cook perfect steaks with the Super Sear function - Dishwasher-cleanable plates and deep pan dish for easy cooking and maintenance - Temperature indicators and controls for meals... Find out more
Top features: - Smart settings with programmed temperatures and probe ensure perfect results - Cook the way you want with adjustable height control and BBQ mode - Element IQ uses sensors to ensure accurate temperature - Embedded heat elements... Find out more
Grill delicious food in a healthy, low-fat way with the Tower 46 cm Teppanyaki Grill.You can set it on the table for indoor grilling with friends or family on the ceramic marble plate.After you've finished cooking, cleaning is simple thanks to the... Find out more

Openly endorsed by many a celebrity chef, health grills are an incredibly easy, versatile and healthy way to cook. Health grills deliver mouth-watering food in a fraction of the usual time, are easy to clean and encourage a cooking method that helps to reduce fat as well as retain higher vitamin content in food than other methods of cooking. Other special features in our range of grilling machines include floating hinges to adapt easily to all kinds of food, removable and dish-washable drip trays and grills, indicator lights and built-in timers. From hot sandwiches and grilled veg to steaks and delicious salmon, a health grill from Currys is sure to become a staple appliance in any kitchen.


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