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When choosing a new washing machine, it’s important to choose a machine that suits both your lifestyle and your wardrobe…with a whole host of load sizes, colours, features and options to choose from Indesit washing machines not only look the part but are ultra efficient too helping you to save time, energy and money!

All Indesit models offer a range of extensive features such as Eco Time and the High Performance Sports Wash programmes which will kick your laundry into shape! Take the next step up and get the Digital Control System or choose the most sophisticated Indesit washing machine yet!... one of the Prime washing machines which offer contemporary design and the ultimate in advanced features including Prime Technology.

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Washing machine features

Eco Time

No need to wait for a full load!…this efficient option is ideal whenever you need to wash a smaller load quickly. Using only what the machine needs…you can be sure that you will be saving time, water and energy!

Digital Control System

Keeping you up to date with everything, the large advanced digital interface provides all the wash information you need such as the cycle time left and the wash phase progress – relax, your machine is in control!

Prime Technology

Maximum performance, minimum waste! This inbuilt technology is so sophisticated it senses the weight of your laundry then adjusts the quantity of water, energy and wash time based on each individual load rather than using a preset programme. Plus its super silent too so you hardly hear a thing!

High Performance Sports Wash programmes

Perfect for sport-lovers, and unique to Indesit these dedicated sports programmes save you the time and effort of handwashing.

Sport Light – Ideal for synthetic gym clothes.

Sport Intensive - Perfect if it’s more a case of mud-caked rugby or football gear.

Sport Shoes – Specifically for sports shoes and trainers, keeping them in tip top condition!

Don’t forget to look out for the Sports programmes on dedicated Indesit tumble dryers too which also include a Sports Shoe Rack which holds your sports shoes still whilst they are dried to perfection!

Water Balance

This intelligent technology on Indesit washing machines is designed to save you time, energy, water and money! Sophisticated sensors adapt the amount of water used per cycle dependent upon the load size you put in so you can be sure that your machine only ever uses the resources it needs!

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