TVs from JVC

This exclusive range has a JVC TV for every home and budget, with screen sizes from 22” to 50”. Their classy, minimalist designs will offset your living room, with black and white bezel options available. JVC’s HD and Full HD TVs deliver crisp and vibrant picture quality and selected models also include built-in DVD Players, integrated Smart and Freeview HD tuners to maximise your content and viewing experience.

Design in Mind

JVC’s attractive TV range brings home style and quality with designs that include sleek stands, aluminium detail, thin bezels and black and white colour options. Choose from a variety of TV stand designs including classic formats, elegant chrome stands and more. They’ll effortlessly support your TV while adding a stylish, flowing look. Selected TVs feature thin bezel designs that let you see more of that great picture for maximum viewing satisfaction and a refined appearance. Some JVC TVs feature an aluminium-look to the bottom bezel that will tastefully accent your living room.


Smart Matters

Bring the power of the internet directly to your TV and enjoy a huge range of diverse and exciting content. JVC Smart TVs offer WiFi and Ethernet connectivity so they can easily link up with your home network, either wirelessly or using a cable. Access catch-up TV services like BBC iPlayer to keep up with your favourite shows, while movie streaming from Netflix lets you watch blockbuster titles on demand. Check out the latest YouTube clips, stay current with social networking via Facebook and Twitter, browse the internet and share content in comfort on the big screen.

JVC Smart TVs

Built-in DVD Players

Now you can enjoy your favourite DVDs and save space by choosing a JVC TV with a built-in DVD player. This great feature is available on selected 22”, 24”, 32” and 40” models. Choose a 32” or 40” Smart TV with a built-in DVD player, enabling you to maximise your content with access to the web, catch up TV and film or DVD. There’s no need for a separate player, so you won’t have to clutter up your entertainment area with multiple devices and cables.

JVC TVs with built-in DVD players