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Quickly boil up water and enjoy your favourite hot drinks with the white Breville Impressions VKJ738 Jug Kettle. Rapid boiling Powered by a concealed 3000-watt element, you'll find that the VKJ738 delivers a rapid boil time, meaning you'll be... Find out more
Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen with the sleek and desirable De'Longhi Micalite KBOM3001 Jug Kettle.Beautiful design Boil quickly and efficiently with this beautiful 50s-inspired matt black electric kettle that will look the part in any... Find out more
With a contemporary, yet timeless design the Russell Hobbs 20780 Glass Line Jug Kettle is the perfect addition to your kitchen worktop.Illuminating glass designAn eye-catching design made using premium Schott glass, along with stainless steel and... Find out more
Make every hot drink special with the De'Longhi Brillante KBJ3001W Jug Kettle, with an exclusive white finish and chromed details to draw the eye.The Brillante Kettle is a breeze to fill with its easy-fill spout, and also easy to use. Boasting a... Find out more
Experience the joy of practical and beautiful kitchen appliances with the De'Longhi  Icona Vintage KBOV3001BG Jug Kettle. This vintage-inspired cream kettle will add a touch of grace to your kitchen, and simplify your life with its intelligent... Find out more
The Dualit 72413 Jug Kettle has a range of features to help achieve delicious drinks quickly and effortlessly, including a different pouring action to more traditional dome shaped kettles. Great features From its powerful rapid boil function... Find out more
Make every hot drink special with the De'Longhi Brillante KBJ3001 Jug Kettle, with an exclusive black finish and chromed details to draw the eye.The KBJ3001 Brillante Kettle is a breeze to fill with its easy-fill spout, and also easy to use.... Find out more
With its stylish exterior and quick boiling time the barley Morphy Richards Accents 102012 Traditional Kettle is the perfect appliance for preparing your favourite hot beverages.Quick to boilComing with a 1.5-litre capacity, this kettle can heat... Find out more
The Bosch Styline Sensor TWK86101GB Jug Kettle benefits from an array of features including variable temperature settings and a Keep Warm function. Let's put the kettle on The Styline Sensor TWK86101GB is perfect for making an early morning... Find out more
Enjoy a clearer environmental conscience and smaller electricity bill with the energy efficient Philips HD4671-60 Jug Kettle. Fast boilingThe quickboil system in the HD4671-60 Kettle means you never have to wait long for a lovely cup of tea, and... Find out more
Simplify everyday tasks with the smart and stylish Morphy Richards Redefine 12-cup Hot Water Dispenser, complete with precise temperature and volume control.Tea for twoThe Morphy Richards Hot Water Dispenser boils exactly the amount of water... Find out more

Putting the tea on used to be a fairly unremarkable experience but technological advances and the on going quest for the perfect cuppa mean that today’s tea time rituals can be dramatically enhanced by a cutting edge kettle.

Our range of kettles includes an incredible array of features, styles and gizmos that transform the once simple act of boiling water into an exacting science. Whether you want a kettle that’s delivers hot drinks in an instant, the capacity to precisely control the temperature of your drinks or even the ability control your kettle from anywhere in the house or office via a wifi connection you’ll find a model that’s guaranteed to revolutionise tea time.

Our range includes the latest models from all the top kitchen appliance brands including Morphy Richards kettles, Russell Hobbs kettles and Delonghi kettles.

Those looking for a seriously specced out kettle need look no further than the Morphy Richards Redefine 12-cup Hot Water Dispenser, which combined an array of features including Britta filtration, precise temperature controls and energy saving technology to ensure the perfect cuppa every time. And if style is more of a priority we’ve got plenty of chic kettles that are sure to complement your carefully considered kitchen interior, not least Smeg’s eye catching selection of 50s inspired retro kettles.

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