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Our computer support services provide all you need to keep your computer running smoothly. From data transfer and virus removal to a comprehensive healthcheck for your Windows PC, our team of Knowhow experts are here to help.

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This service includes an antivirus scan and malware check. Your computer will be cleared and we’ll give you advice on any upgrades to keep your computer running smoothly.

  • MOT for your computer
  • Viruses and spyware removed
  • Hardware upgrade advice


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If your computer is infected with a virus, spyware or malware don’t worry. Our Virus & Spyware Removal service will remove them all for you.


  • Ideal for infected computers
  • Removes viruses, spyware and malware
  • Install Microsoft Security Essentials
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This service restores your computer to its original factory settings. Our experts can re-install Windows and configure Windows updates to get you up and running again.

  • Get your PC back to normal
  • Windows re-installed
  • Operating System discs created


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We’ll transfer your files, photos, music and videos to your new computer safely and securely. We can move files from and to a Windows or Apple computer, saving you time.

  • We move your files and folders to your new computer
  • We’ll transfer all your music, videos and photos
  • Mac and Windows supported


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We’ll securely delete all files and records from your computer’s hard drive. Using government approved standards, we’ll make sure your identity is protected if you decide to sell or dispose of your computer.

  • Securely erase all data on your computer
  • Protect your identity
  • We can recycle your computer


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We can recover deleted or lost files and transfer them to a new hard drive, CD or DVD (the cost of a new hard drive or other media is not included).

  • Lost or deleted files recovered
  • Files put onto DVD, USB stick or external hard drive
  • Old hard drive securely recycled

from £80

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