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The compact Lec U50052W Mini Freezer is a simple storage solution for your frozen goods - this table-top appliance is small enough to be placed almost anywhere!Mini freezer, mega performanceThe 4-star freezer has a 32-litre capacity, allowing... Find out more
The silver Lec U5511S Undercounter Freezer delivers an A+ energy efficiency rating to be kind on your bills and the environment whilst looking fabulous in any contemporary kitchen. The U5511S Upright Freezer gives you 3 cubic feet of space to... Find out more
The Lec U5511B Undercounter Freezer in black delivers style and reliability for a high quality frozen food storage solution with an A+ rating for energy efficiency. Undercounter feezing At 55 cm wide, the U5511B gives you a good 3 cubic feet of... Find out more
The LEC U5010W Undercounter Freezer is a hassle-free solution to keeping your frozen food fresh. Generous storage space Great for keeping food for long periods, the LEC U5010W is a 4-star rated freezer with an ice cube tray and room for your... Find out more
Top features: - Undercounter design helps to save you space in the kitchen - Energy efficient performance helps to save you money on your bills - Clear drawers make it easy to see the contents Undercounter design helps to save you space... Find out more
Top features: - Save room in your kitchen with a freezer suitable for outbuildings - Precise temperature adjustment thanks to electronic control - Quickly find ingredients with LED lighting - Moulded basket prevents rust from accumulating ... Find out more
Add this stylish white Lec U6014 Freezer to your kitchen and store your frozen food in this convenient and energy saving appliance. With 93 litres of freezer capacity, you have more than enough room to stock up on joints of meat, frozen veg,... Find out more
Top features: - Suitable for outbuildings, so you can save space in your kitchen - Electronic controls for precise temperature adjustment - Integrated LED lighting for quickly finding ingredients - Moulded basket prevents rust from... Find out more
Top features - Spacious and flexible storage options - A+ energy rating means a reduction of energy consumption and the cost of your bills - Greater peace of mind with a fantastic 15-hour power failure time - Compact design that will suit... Find out more
Top features: - Enjoy additional space thanks to outbuilding suitability - Easily adjust temperature with responsive electronic controls - Quickly find ingredients with the internal LED light - Prevent rust over time with the smartly designed... Find out more
Top features: - Save room in your kitchen thanks to outbuilding compatibility - Easily adjust the temperature thanks to electronic controls - Illuminate your freezer with an integrated LED light - Moulded plastic basket prevents rust from... Find out more
Top features: - Small but spacious design provides ample storage space- Simple control lets you keep everything perfectly frozenSmall but spaciousThe sleek appliance provides sufficient space for your frozen meats and vegetables. The 100-litre... Find out more
Top features: - Ideal for use in outbuildings for extra freezer space - Electronic temperature controls make adjusting the temperature easy - Integrated LED lighting will illuminate your freezer - Smartly designed moulded basket prevents rust... Find out more
The LEC CF150L Chest Freezer offers spacious storage in a compact and classic build, bringing quality and reliability to food preservation.Classic coolingThe appliance provides sufficient storage space without compromising on floor space. The... Find out more
Loads of spaceAt just over 100 cm wide, the Lec CF300L Chest Freezer offers 272 litres of storage space to accommodate all of your frozen produce. The sensible basket interior will ensure all of your food is kept neat, visible and easy to... Find out more

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