Range Master
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Introducing Style

Leisure is proud to introduce its new 2014 range. A welcome addition to its current offering, the newly designed Cuisinemaster and Cookmaster models will be a highlight in your kitchen. Available in a range of fuel types, colours and sizes to suit either a modern or more traditional kitchen, there is something for everyone.

Endless Capacity

The New 2014 Leisure range cookers now come in both 100cm and - a first for Leisure - 110cm sizes for extra capacity, meaning that we can be sure we have a range to suit your space and style. Leisure continues to offer range cookers in 90cm and 60cm to suit those smaller spaces who still require chic style.

A modern affair

Beautifully designed to suit any style, the new Cuisinemaster from Leisure will be the centrepiece of any modern kitchen. Impress your friends and create enviable meals with increased capacity ovens, easy clean functionality and multiple ovens including a brand new slow cooker function. The animated programmable timer featuring on the 110cm model allows you to let the cooker worry about your timings and allows you more time to entertain.

A true classic

For those with more traditional tastes, the Cookmaster design is perfect for you. With two increased capacity ovens and a 7 burner hob, you will enjoy true cooking flexibility. Available in a range of colours, there will be one to suit your home.

All the tools you need

The new Cookmaster and Cuisinemaster range cookers all come with multiple ovens, including a new slow cooker function on the Cuisinemaster. Each is equipped with programmable timers to ensure you can spend time with your guests and let the cooker do the work. Equally, the cook clean catalytic liners ensure that the oven cleans itself so that you can spend more time roasting and entertaining than scrubbing.

Become the chef you always knew you were

Whether your preparing a romantic menu for two, co-ordinating Christmas dinners for your friends and family or baking treats for a party, a Leisure range cooker provides all the space and flexibility to ensure that you reach your fullest potential in the kitchen.