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The Leisure AL60GAK Gas Cooker offers range-style cooking yet only takes up the same space as a standard oven.Twin cavitiesThe AL60GAK Gas Cooker features two ovens so that you can prepare dishes at the same time using both cavities – or cook... Find out more

Get all the features and benefits of a range cooker in a smaller frame with a Leisure gas cooker.

Known as mini range cookers, these gas cookers feature all of the technologies that Leisure feature in their full-size range cookers but in a smaller body. Mini ranges are ideal for anyone that wants the style and functionality of a range cooker but cannot accommodate a full-size range.

All of the hallmarks of Leisure’s range cookers have been concentrated into these 60 cm wide cookers. Responsive gas burners allow you to cook like a professional at home and durable cast-iron pan supports on the hob a perfectly stable, durable and reliable.

Inside the cavities, many Leisure cookers sport catalytic liners which oxidise food waste and residue at cooking temperatures. This makes cleaning as simple as wiping away the remaining ash once everything has cooled.

Some of our Leisure gas cookers feature double conventional ovens with an integrated grill which gives you the freedom to grill and roast in two different cavities at the same time.

Available in the same colours as their full-size counterparts, choose a Leisure gas cooker for expansive, responsive home cooking.

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