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Save all your favourite radio stations and enjoy high-quality sound with the Logik LHDR15 Portable DAB/FM Clock Radio.DAB offers superior digital radio quality, so you can enjoy all the best radio stations at the touch of a button. Get ten DAB... Find out more
Enjoy easy listening wherever you go with the Logik L2DAB16 Portable DAB/FM Radio.DAB offers superior digital radio quality, allowing you access to a range of digital radio stations.This portable radio can be powered by the mains or run off... Find out more
Stay connected to the music you love most with the Logik LHDAB14 Portable DAB Pocket Radio.Travel-friendly designThe Logik LHDAB14 Pocket Radio hosts 10 presets providing you instant access to your most favoured radio channels.The OLED display... Find out more
Expand your listening to the world of digital radio with the blue Logik LRNDAB14 Portable DAB Radio.DABThe DAB radio uses a digital signal to pick up stations - this means the quality is immensely improved and your choice greatly expanded.... Find out more

For all the podcasts and streaming music services available to us these days, the enduring appeal of the radio remains undimmed. Which isn’t to say that radio hasn’t moved with the times too. These days the airwaves of old have been usurped by a new breed of digital radio broadcasts and, with a digital radio switch-over set to see the end of analogue radio forever, there’s never been a better time to take the leap and kit your home out with a Logik DAB radio.

Our collection of Logik DAB radios are a great example of how affordable digital radios are these days. Entry-level models like the L2DAB16 Portable DAB/FM Radio offer exceptional digital audio quality in a compact, economical form. Given its small size and 8-hour battery life, this neat little radio can follow you around the house. And with an analogue FM radio in to boot, you can continue to enjoy your favourite radio station the old fashioned way, too.

The LHDR15 Portable DAB/FM Clock Radio features an array of features and a smart bright-white and wood design – perfect for your bedside table, especially as it also features a handy dual alarm with sleep and snooze functions.

Our full range of radios includes Roberts, JVC and Pure DAB radios.

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