Men's shavers

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Top features: - Flexible shaver which adjusts to the contours on your face - 40 minutes shaving time on one charge Flexible shaverThe Remington PR1250 Power Series Rotary Shaver uses Power Flex technology, which help the heads flex when in use... Find out more
Top features: - Waterproof for wet & dry shaving - Up to 50 minutes use on one charge - PivotAssist Plus and ConstantContour help give a close shave Wet & dry shavingChoose what works best for you with the Remington Capture Cut XF8505 Wet &... Find out more
Top features: - Cordless shower-proof design means the shaver can be used wet or dry - Hypoallergenic floating foils follow the body's contours - Cleaning brush helps you to keep the shaver operating efficiently Cordless shower-proof design... Find out more
Top features: - Waterproof shaver can be used in the shower - 60 minutes usage from one charge or use quick charge when in a hurry Waterproof shaverThe Remington AQ7 Wet Tech Wet & Dry Rotary Shaver is fully waterproof and can be used in or out... Find out more

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