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The powerful and reliable Miele Compact C2 Extreme PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner comes with a range of features to help keep your home spotlessly clean. At 1600 W, it's one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners from Miele.Outstanding dust... Find out more
The lightweight and compact Miele Classic C1 Junior PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner offers great cleaning power across your home.Multi-surface cleaningWith a range of features to make vacuuming quicker, easier and more thorough, the bagged... Find out more
This Miele Complete C3 Extreme PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner effectively tackles dust and odours in the air, so it's great for allergy sufferers. At 1600 W, it's one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners from Miele.Maximum cleaning, minimum... Find out more
The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is designed to deliver superior cleaning performance across your home.Power is at the heartWith a reliable brand like Miele, you can expect great result time after time with the... Find out more
Working quietly without compromising on performance, the Miele Complete C3 Silence EcoLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner makes vacuuming a more relaxing chore.Quiet & agileWith the silence setting the C3 operates at the lowest possible noise level... Find out more
The Miele Complete C1 Cat & Dog Extreme PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner offers powerful suction with a large bag capacity of 4 litres - perfect for homes with pets. Incredibly powerful With a trusted brand like Miele, you will not be... Find out more
The powerful and reliable Miele Compact C2 Cat & Dog PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner comes with a range of features that makes it easy to use and great for homes with pets.Outstanding dust retentionDelivering exceptional suction power and dust... Find out more
Delivering hygienic and powerful cleaning, the Miele Complete C3 Total Solution PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is suitable for households with pets and allergy sufferers.Efficient performanceDesigned for highly efficient cleaning performance,... Find out more
Clean your carpets and hard floors effectively with the Miele Compact C2 PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner in marine blue.High powered vacuumYou'll be able to get rid of all the dirt and dust in your home with 1200 W of power.Deep clean with... Find out more
Keep your home beautifully clean with the lotus white Miele Compact C2 Allergy EcoLine Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner.Ideal for allergy sufferersIf you're sensitive to allergens like dust, mites, pollen and other irritants, the Miele Compact C2 EcoLine... Find out more

Miele vacuum cleaners make light work of cleaning your floors. Each Miele vacuum cleaner is designed to help you clean faster and more efficiently and can handle dust, pet hairs and any other dirt that has collected on your floor.

If you have pets or children, you’ll know it’s not that easy to maintain spotless floors, but you’ll notice it’s a lot better when you have a Miele vacuum cleaner at your disposal because they’re compact and easy to use round the house. Miele vacuum cleaners can handle wood, laminate, tiles and carpets, so no matter what room you’re in, you’ll always be able to clean the floors.

When you’re looking for the easiest way to keep your floors free from dirt and dust, choose a state-of-the-art robot vacuum cleaner and you won’t have to worry about doing the cleaning yourself. Simply charge it up and set it off and it will ensure your floors are kept clean without you having to lift a finger.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable vacuum cleaner for your home, check out our range of Vax vacuum cleaners. And if you’re looking for a classic vacuum cleaner, take a look at our selection of Hoover vacuum cleaners.

Miele vacuum cleaners are ideal if you want to keep your home free from dust and dirt.

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