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Top features: - CapDosing delivers special care to a range of fabrics - 24-hour delay start allows you to fit your washing around your lifestyle - Profi-Eco motor combines power with economy - Express 20 mode provides a thorough wash in just 20... Find out more
Top features:- Save money on your energy bills with an A+++-30% energy efficiency rating - Offer expert care with CapDosing and the TwinDos system - Remove tough and stubborn stains with specialist removal settings Save money on your energy... Find out more
Top features: - CapDosing technology provides special care for a range of fabrics - Program your cycles to suit you with the 24-hour delay start - Profi-Eco motor provides quiet operation and an energy-saving performance - Thorough washing in... Find out more
Top features: - CapDosing delivers special care to a range of fabrics - Fit your laundry around your lifestyle with the 24-hour delay start - Profi-Eco motor delivers an economical wash without compromising on performance - Clean a lightly soiled... Find out more
- Eco-friendly energy rating for lower cost energy bills- Automatic detergent dosing for cleaner clothes- QuickPowerWash setting cleans laundry in less than one hour- Tackle any stain with seven stain removal options- SoftSteam honeycomb drum for... Find out more
- Easy to find the ideal settings for each load of washing thanks to a wide range of programs and functions- Soft steam honeycomb drum washes clothes evenly and uses steam to reduce creases- A+++ energy rating makes the appliance an energy... Find out more
Top features: - Add Laundry feature lets you throw in forgotten items - CapDos capsules for automatic detergent dispensing - Stain removal cares for your clothes - Economical and practical A+++ energy rating Add Laundry Add forgotten items... Find out more
Top features:- Add forgotten socks during the wash- SoftSteam Honeycomb drum provides gentle care for your laundry- Uses less electricity and water with A+++ energy rating- Intelligent cleaning options keep clothes looking great for longer- Delay... Find out more

Miele are a top manufacturer of washing machines. If you’re looking to upgrade your current machine or cut down on trips to the launderette, Miele have a range of washing machines that will suit all budgets and situations, even if you have limited space.

Miele washing machines can cope with large and heavily soiled loads, so they can make a big difference if you need some extra cleaning power on laundry day. Save time and energy with a versatile Miele washing machine no matter how much or how often you need to do the washing. If you're in a hurry, choose a short cycle and you’ll be done in no time. Shorter cycles not only save you time, they are use less water and as a result, they’re better for the environment.

If you have a big family, choose a Miele washing machine with a large load capacity and you’ll notice the effort of doing the washing is reduced when you need to do fewer loads each time. You can trust a Miele washing machine to get the job done and leave your clothes spotlessly clean and fresh after every wash.

Miele make washing machines you can trust, regardless of whether you need to wash a huge pile of clothes, furniture covers, bedding or running shoes.

Need a space saving washing machine? Check out our range of built in washing machines, that will fit beautifully into your kitchen.

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