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With a history of cooking innovation and quality, Neff ovens deliver convenience and control to your kitchen. Whether you choose a single or double Neff oven, you can enjoy versatility and cutting edge technology.

With innovative features such as the Neff oven with a Slide&Hide® door which brings greater accessibility with unimpeded access to the inside of the oven as well as CircoTherm® technology, available on all Neff built-in ovens promotes even and efficient cooking.

Neff ovens come embellished with a selection of functions, features and finishes from the Revolution handle to the dough proving and steam settings to enhance your cooking experience. Neff ovens are a lifestyle-oriented centrepiece for your kitchen.

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A proprietary technology present in all Neff ovens, CircoTherm® is an efficient circular heating system. A powerful fan draws air out of the oven cavity, heats it and then forces it back into the oven cavity through special ducts.

This circulatory heating method heats your oven quickly and distributes heat more evenly. This saves time and energy thanks to reduced preheating times, while improving cooking results thanks to its even fan heat.

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Neff ovens with a Slide&Hide® door

Combining stunning style and practicality, the Slide&Hide® door is a great Neff oven feature. Now available in full-sized single ovens with a large 67 litre capacity, the Neff Slide&Hide® door is designed to offer you the maximum cooking space. Sliding neatly under the oven when open and benefiting from a smooth closing mechanism, the sleek Slide&Hide® door is a safe, stylish and spacesaving kitchen innovation.

Revolution handle®

For total comfort and convenience, the Neff Revolution handle® delivers easy oven use.

Rotating towards you as you open the oven door, the Revolution handle® moves in a smooth circular motion and remains visible when the door is fully open.

Safe and practical the Revolution handle® showcases Neff’s signature attention to detail.

FlexiRail System

Designed to add flexibility and convenience to your cooking, the FlexiRail System is a clever and easy-to-use feature which allows you to customise the rails and shelf positioning in your Neff oven.

Clipping on and off with ease, these robust rails are easy to clean and you can use as many as you like. Use the individually plugged-in rails to tailor your Neff oven to your needs.


Neff AquaAssist ovens use innovative technology to improve your cooking. By adding humidity to the cavity, AquaAssist keeps meat juicy and tender and helps with crisping.

Reducing cooking times and retaining the shape, moisture and natural colour of your food, AquaAssist brings life to your cooking.

Oven cleaning

Oven cleaning – this is a function for use when your oven has CeramiClean® liners. It introduces additional heat to ensure the liners work more effectively.

Pyrolitic cleaning – applicable to the C67P70 compact appliance and B15P42/B16P42 single ovens.

Series 1

Neff Series 1

With either printed or bevelled metal facia, these Neff ovens have QuickConnect shelf supports, double glazed doors, and come in CircoTherm® and multifunction cooking types.

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Series 2

Neff Series 2

Comprising a glass panel and bevelled metal facia, these ovens add to Series 1 features with extra cooking functions and some models have SlideAway doors.

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Series 3

Neff Series 3

An attractive central oval dial and symmetrical layout combine with electronic controls, triple glazed windows and 9 cooking functions.

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Series 4

Neff Series 4

These stunning symmetrical Neff ovens boast 12 cooking functions, frameless glass inner doors and the FlexiRail® system for versatile cooking.

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Series 5

Neff Series 5

On top of the features of Series 4, these premium ovens have ClearText, temperature and function displays, as well as the sublime soft eject retractable control.

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