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With this twin pack Netgear PL1200 Powerline Adapter Kit, you'll be able to get high-speed internet in each room it's plugged into – it uses your existing electrical wiring and is so easy to set up.Great for all your web-enabled devicesWhether... Find out more
Get great wireless connectivity throughout your home with the Netgear PLW1000 Wireless Powerline Adapter Kit. Simply connect one adapter to your router using an Ethernet cable and place the other in a plug socket to add wireless connectivity to... Find out more
Extend your internet access to any room in the house with the Netgear PLP1200-100UKS Powerline Adapter Kit. Plug  one of the Powerline 1200 adapters into a plug socket by your router and connect them with one of the supplied Ethernet cables.... Find out more

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