The Network Buying Guide

Setting up the internet in your home can be as simple or as advanced as you choose when you select the right devices. Whether you need improved WiFi to accommodate your family’s new gadgets or need a fast cabled-connection in your bedroom for online gaming, this guide explains how to get the best from your home network.

See the sections below to learn about routers, powerline kits, range extenders and network switches, or scroll further for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Upgrading your router is a quick and easy way to improve the range, speed and stability of your network. There are several different types of router to choose from depending on your needs, with most offering improved performance over the router supplied by your service provider.

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Powerline kits are the perfect solution if you need a wireless or wired internet connection in rooms away from your router. You can buy powerline kits or individual adapters, making it easy to expand your home network as and when you need to.

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Range Extenders

Designed to increase the reach of your WiFi throughout your home and even into your garden, range extenders are perfect if you suffer inconsistent network speed and stability. Like routers, there are different ratings that offer varying speeds and ranges to make it easy to find the right one for your network.

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Network Switches

Unlike a router, which creates a local network and then connects that to the internet, a network switch connects multiple devices to a single network via Ethernet cables. Typically faster than routers, they’re perfect for enthusiast and business use and are the ideal basis for expansive wired and wireless networks.

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Connections for every device, in every room.

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