NEW WORLD Built-in double ovens

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The good looking New World NW901DOP Electric Double Oven provides you with all the cooking functionality that you may need for roasting, baking and grilling. Cooking The NW901DOP boasts a large 58-litre fanned oven which provides an even... Find out more
Make the most of flexible cooking with the New World NW901DOP Electric Double Oven.Variable cookingThis built-in variable electric fanned oven is great when it comes to whipping up a culinary delight at home. With a whopping great 69 litre main... Find out more
The New World NW-901DO Electric Double Oven in metallic red looks original, modern and tasteful, while packing spades of cooking space and exceptional power.Double trouble Two ovens are always better than one, and with 63 litres of space in the... Find out more

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