Nikon lenses

Every photographer is unique. Whatever your ideas, experience or creative vision, there is a NIKKOR lens to draw out your potential. Each product in the line-up represents the pride and craftsmanship that only an optical manufacturer can understand, delivering a level of clarity and reliability that every passionate photographer can appreciate.

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Travel and landscape

telephoto lenses

Whether you want an extreme wide-angle lens for beautiful landscapes or an all-in-one zoom for when you're constantly on the go, these NIKKOR lenses will help you capture more of every adventure.

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People and events

DSLRs for being creative

From ultra-fast portrait lenses to versatile and compact telephotos, these NIKKOR lenses will ensure you never miss an intimate moment.

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Sports and action

DSLRs for the enthusiast

Get closer to the action with NIKKOR telephoto and super-telephoto lenses, or capture the majesty of large stadiums and more with a versatile wide-angle zoom lens.

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Close up (macro)

Close up (macro)

Ideal for taking photographs of flowers, insects, food, jewellery, coins, stamps or other small objects, these Micro-NIKKOR lenses will help you capture every detail with stunning clarity.

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