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Power supplies are an often-overlooked computing component - but a good power supply is essential for a computing system's stability and long-term reliability.

Upgrading to a higher-quality power supply means that constant, reliable power is delivered to your PC, without overheating or noise. High-grade power supplies use bigger and better capacitors, chokes, and internal components, as well as larger heatsinks for enhanced heat dissipation. Our dedicated PC power supplies come with a minimum 120mm fan size – these larger cooling fans move more air while making less noise than smaller fans.

With fans that respond to temperature and ensure even airflow, your power supply is protected from overheating. Fitted with over-voltage and over-power protection, as well as short circuit protection, you can be sure that your components stay safe in case of power surges or accidents. High-quality power supply units are always guaranteed, with our three-year-guaranteed Coolermaster power supplies and Corsair computer power supplies giving you total peace of mind.

For your PC at work or the home office, choose a high-quality power supply for peak performance, stability and reliability long term.

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