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Motion Sync 2-in-1™ Upright

Clean your house effortlessly with smooth and easy movement. Featuring a fully detachable handheld vacuum for hard to reach areas.

Which Samsung upright vacuum cleaner is right for you?

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Designed to move with you

Extreme Suction Power

The Samsung Motion Sync upright vacuum cleaner features Motion Sync Design™ with a swivel brush and angled wheels. The combination of the two features ensures exceptionally easy movement and makes swift and sudden turns much easier. Also, the wheels are big and hollow to enable a smooth motion, so they roll steadily and easily with minimum effort.

smooth motion

Smooth motion

The large hollow, angled wheels create smooth and stable movement when in use.

smooth motion

Swift motion

A swivel brush and angled wheels ensures exceptionally easy movement and makes sudden turns much easier.

swift motion

Powerful suction that lasts

Nine inner chambers ensure that suction power is maintained for a long time for efficient cleaning.

cyclone force

Clean awkward and hard to reach areas

Fully Detachable Handheld

Fully detachable from the body the handheld vacuum stick is perfect for cleaning awkward and hard to reach areas like corners, ceilings and stairs, without being hampered by having to stretch a hose and pull the whole vacuum cleaner around.
*Only available on Motion Sync 2-1 VU10F70SHDC



HEPA Filtration

The HEPA filter is designed to filter air and remove particles that cannot be seen by the human eye, as small as 0.3 of a micron, such as bacteria and viruses. The filters remove harmful allergens from the air which is especially helpful for hay fever and dust allergy sufferers.


Optimum cleaning

Tri-Motor System

The three independent motors work for optimum cleaning. So you can enjoy a truly efficient and effective overall performance on various kinds of surfaces.
*Only available on Motion Sync 2-1 VU10F70SHDC

Tri-Motor System

Easy storage

Home Cleaning Kit

Accessories come in a home cleaning kit to suit a variety of cleaning needs. These specialist fittings feature different shaped heads that are specifically designed for those areas like furniture, stairs and window.
*Only available on Motion Sync 2-1 VU10F70SHDC

Home Cleaning Kit