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With a large screen Samsung TV, you can enjoy a wealth of features and sleek designs that suit any home. Choose from TVs with high definition or Ultra HD 4k resolution and enjoy truly immersive viewing. Our range also features Samsung 3D TVs - bring home the magic of the cinema with these Active 3D televisions which come with special glasses so you can start enjoying a new dimension in your home entertainment straight out of the box. Make the most of expansive large TV entertainment with the benefit of built-in TV tuners and extensive Smart features.

Samsung Smart TV brings you the best of online content delivered directly to your large screen TV, with built-in WiFi to make connecting easy. Interact with your TV in a whole new way thanks to the voice and motion control featured on some Samsung models, taking home entertainment to a whole new level. With reassuring five-year guarantees on many Samsung TVs from Currys, you can enjoy some of the best entertainment without worry.

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