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SANDSTROM SINHOBB13 Induction Hob - Black
SANDSTROM SINHOBB13 Induction Hob - Black
  • Width: 60 cm
  • 4 zones
  • Stop/Go button
  • Heat indicators & control lock
  • Front-mounted touch controls
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The Sandstrom SINH-OBB13 Induction Hob will complete your kitchen with its chic, ultra-modern design. Induction hobs make for better cooking Induction technology gives you greater control and flexibility in the kitchen, cutting down on energy wastage. Using copper coils to directly heat your ferrous metal pots and pans, it sends the energy where it's needed, resulting in food that's more precisely cooked. There's less residual heat so it's safer, and no wasted energy by heat dispersing... Find out more

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