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Recent years have seen home lighting enter a brave new era. Thanks to the ubiquity of Wi-Fi technology it’s now possible to remotely control your lighting in an array of exciting new ways. Welcome to the world of smart lighting.

Our wide selection of smart lighting packages and smart light bulbs gives you access to a bewildering variety of colours and complete lighting flexibility like you’ve never known before. Simply put, if you’re still limited to simply turning your lights on and off via a switch on the wall, it’s time to wake up to a whole new way of controlling your home lighting setup.

Smart lighting allows you to manage your lights with your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated app, meaning you’ll not only have remote Wi-Fi control (even when you’re not at home!) but also the ability to fine tune the ambient lighting environment by adjusting brightness and colour.

If your idea of lighting control is a dimmer switch you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Our range of Philips smart lighting encompasses everything from a single wireless bulb to a full starter kit that includes three smart light bulbs and a bridge – all you need to start transforming your home into a complete smart lighting environment.

We offer a full range of smart tech solutions to enhance your everyday life – get smart with Currys!

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