The new standard of Brilliance

Incredible contrast, real-life colours and exceptional 4K detail. Enjoy our most realistic picture ever, from regular broadcasts to 4K HDR content, thanks to unique Sony technologies.

The new standard of brilliance

Not just 4K, this is Sony 4K

The 4K X-Reality PRO picture processing is unique to Sony, providing incredible clarity by upscaling every pixel. The pixels across multiple frames are analysed, and images are sharpened in real time, bringing out even more detail in faces and skin tones.

Incredible contrast

X-tended Dynamic Range PRO delivers up to three times the brightness of a conventional LED-backlit TV. It dims some areas and boosts others, adjusting the brightness and contrast frame by frame to provide deeper blacks, brighter peaks and stunning tonal detail.

Light where it's needed most

4K Processor X1

You’ll see every on-screen movement as the brightness is continually adapted – even when the sun moves across the pitch, you’ll see every shot clearly.

Amazingly bright, incredibly slim

Slim Backlight Drive™

Enjoy stunning picture quality in an ultra-slim design thanks to the innovative Slim Backlight Drive. It cleverly guides light to where it is most needed on the screen.

Closer than ever to real world colours



See the difference with a TRILUMINOS™ Display

The TRILUMINOS Display is unique to Sony, enriching the viewing experience with
a wide range of colours and true-to-life shading and hues.

True colours, expertly revealed

Make the most of vivid and realistic pictures that boast natural colours and shades with a TV with a TRILUMINOS Display. They show a wider range of colours than most other TVs, selectively mapping colours from a wide palette for subtle shades and avoiding oversaturation on-screen.

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