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SONY SmartWatch 3 Classic SWR50 - Black
  • Compatible with Android
  • Water resistant
  • Monitors sleep
  • Wireless syncing via Bluetooth and NFC
2 reviews
Brief product description
Powered by Android Wear, the Sony SmartWatch 3 SWR50 offers smartphone notifications, health monitoring and more. Smart functionality Connect the SmartWatch 3 via Bluetooth or NFC to your Android phone to stay updated with incoming calls, texts, emails and app notifications. The watch discreetly vibrates when you receive a notification, and you can then choose to reply or dismiss with a... Find out more
£119.99 Save £80.00
Was £199.99 (from 31/03/15 to 08/06/15)
  • Home delivery available
  • Collect in store available
SONY SWR10 SmartBand - Black
  • Tracks fitness and lifestyle
  • Works with Android Lifelog app
  • Wireless syncing via Bluetooth and NFC
  • Vibrates on incoming call or text
9 reviews
Brief product description
The Sony SWR10 SmartBand is the latest innovation in wearable technology. This intelligent wristband connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or NFC and records everything you do day-to-day, such as calories burned, sleep quality, photos taken, memorable events and more. Log your activitiesWorking with the Lifelog Android app (available on Google Play), the SmartBand SWR10 records daily... Find out more
£27.99 Save £22.00
Was £49.99 (from 20/11/14 to 29/07/15)
  • Home delivery available
  • Collect in store available
SONY SmartWatch 2 - Black
  • Keep your phone in your pocket and manage your digital life
  • Take calls / browse social media / send texts and emails
  • Compatible with Android
  • Battery life: Up to seven days
  • Water and dust resistant
21 reviews
Brief product description
You'll never miss a call, an important notification or a text message again with the black Sony Smart Watch 2 with silicone wrist strap. The perfect Android accessory The Smart Watch 2 puts control of your smartphone on your wrist and provides instant access to all your important phone functions wherever you may be.  You can make and receive calls, check your social media and email and receive... Find out more
£79.97 Save £10.00
Was £89.97 (from 19/05/15 to 26/08/15)
  • Home delivery unavailable
  • Collect in store unavailable

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