X Reality

Clear Resolution Enhancer

Don’t be left disappointed by the quality of TV programmes, web videos and other content. The Sony R4 provides sharper and clear pictures by reducing noise in the images, so you can see your favourite programmes more clearly than on standard LED TVs.

Don’t be left disappointed by the quality of TV programmes, web videos and other content. The Sony R4 provides sharper and clear pictures by reducing noise in the images, so you can see your favourite programmes more clearly than on standard LED TVs.

Whilst 4K TV broadcasting is still being developed, you can enjoy the 4K experience with 4K X-Reality PRO. The 4K X-Reality PRO technology analyses, cleans and enhances all of your favourite content to play on 4K TVs and improves your Blu-rays and HD TVs to beyond HD quality.

X-tended Dynamic Range

The X-tended Dynamic Range technology balances light and dark in every scene, adjusting the level of brightness according to the image on screen. It has a range of brightness that’s twice as wide as conventional LED TVs, keeping bright objects bold, providing deep and dark blacks and making sure colours are vibrant.

Ramp up the detail with X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology, with a range of brightness that’s three times as wide as conventional LED TVs. It ensures your TV reflects the intended balance between light and dark in every scene, so bright objects are bold, blacks are deeper and you’ll see all the detail, even in dark scenes.

Whether you’re watching the deep, rusty reds of the Australian outback or the bright blues of the Caribbean, the Triluminos display from Sony provides pure and natural colour. There’s a wide spectrum of colours and shades that keep images vivid.


Fast action won’t be blurred thanks to Motionflow technology, keeping moving objects sharp and detailed on screen. Motionflow from Sony reduces blurring and juddering to keep moving images smooth, and looks fantastic in 3D.


Immersive entertainment makes you part of the action, and with lifelike 3D viewing you can enjoy the latest 3D movies on your TV. Whether you’re watching Blu-ray Discs, 3D TV broadcasts or internet videos, you can comfortably enjoy detailed 3D images with a natural depth of field.


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Magnetic Fluid Speaker

Enjoy unrivalled sound thanks to the Sony’s Magnetic Fluid Speaker, providing crisp and clear sound that’s unlike anything you’ve heard on a TV. Unique to Sony, this thinner and efficient loudspeaker delivers faithful sound reproduction, whilst integrated subwoofers give sound the bass it deserves. Front-facing speakers project sound directly towards you, so you can enjoy superb sound no matter what you’re watching.

Magnetic Fluid Speaker
sound that moves you

Long Duct speaker

Whether you’re listening to the revving engine of a sports car or listening to thunder rumbling in a horror movie, the Long Duct speaker helps to add depth to your movies. It brings power to audio for rich bass and low midrange sounds, and the larger the screen size, the more powerful the sound is.

Bass reflex speaker

Bring superb sound to your favourite movies with the bass reflex speaker. It offers a wider range of sound, delivering crisp and clear highs and deep lows, completing your home entertainment experience.

User Interface & SMART

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Make the most of quick and intuitive viewing with One-Flick Entertainment interface on the new BRAVIA range. It starts and launches apps within seconds, so you won’t have to wait long before you’re cycling through TV channels, catch-up TV, films and network content. The One-Flick remote means you can take control with just a flick of your thumb.

Smart TV

Sony’s Smart TV brings the best of the internet to your TV. Catch up on programmes with BBC iPlayer, or your favourite series using Netflix and LOVEFiLM. Find the latest films with Video Unlimited, and keep up with sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup with the BBC Sport app. The YouTube app means you can keep up to date with the latest kitten-based viral videos too.

Live Football Mode

Feel like you’re sitting in the stadium watching the game as Live Football Mode has everything you need to enjoy the game. It automatically adjusts picture and sound settings to closely match the authentic stadium experience. It also gives you access to the latest FIFA World Cup standings and YouTube videos of memorable moments from past World Cups.

Social Viewing

Share the highs and lows of your entertainment with social viewing features. The unique echo cancelling technology from Sony means that you can have clear Skype conversations with friends and family while you’re watching TV, so everyone can discuss what you’re seeing on screen.

Tweet View

TV is more sociable than ever thanks to Tweet View. You can follow tweets from around the world as you’re watching TV by choosing keywords. Comments relating to the show you’re watching will flow across the bottom of the TV screen, so you can see what everyone thinks of the on-screen action.

televisions from Sony

Sony TVs boast clearer picture and sound, so the sound of laughter, on-screen movement and fast-paced action scenes are sharper and more lifelike. Make your imagination reality and see how real TV can be.

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blu-ray and dvd home cinema

blu-ray and dvd home cinema

Vibrant surround sound and a truly cinematic experience to partner your Sony TV.

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