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A starter guide to Tablet PCs Tablet PCs - What accessories can I buy? Setting up your iPad Setting up Find my iPad

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Extending your tablet’s battery life Printing from a tablet iPad tips and tricks Can I use a tablet PC on an aeroplane? How to connect your iPad to Your HDTV How can I convert my video collection to view on my iPad? iPad Maintenance tips In-App purchases – Keeping control of your Smartphone and tablet App charges Using your tablet or smartphone as a remote control

Trouble Shooting

Apple iPad No Power/Unresponsive Help How to do a hard reset a Google Nexus 7 How can I make my iPad run faster? What can I do if my iPad has no power or is unrepsonsive? What do I do if my tablet gets wet? Why won't my iPad connect to the internet? Why won't my iPad sync to iTunes?

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