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Decorate and personalise your baking with the Tala 1950/14 Icing Syringe Set.With this set of six chrome-plated, brass icing nozzles, you'll be able to turn your cakes and biscuits into mini masterpieces. Write messages and add borders before... Find out more
These Tala Ceramic Pie Beads are an essential addition to your collection of baking tools, allowing you to achieve more consistent results for pies and pastries.They're heat-resistant up to 240°C, making them ideal for blind baking – they'll... Find out more
Add a touch of creative flair to your home baked treats with the Tala Squeeze Icing Bottles.Each of the three squeezy bottles features a different stainless steel nozzle for plenty of variety, while the included icing patterns and a handy royal... Find out more

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