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Enjoy a Full HD digital TV reception using the One For All SV9440 Foil Full HD Amplified Indoor TV Aerial.Capable of receiving both Freeview HD and DAB+ signals, the aerial amplifies signals up to 45 dB to deliver the best reception within 15... Find out more
The One For All SV 9360 Amplified Indoor Antenna gives your TV signal the boost you were waiting for.Improved reception Ensuring fantastic reception of DVB-T television and DAB radio signals, the One For All SV 9360 Amplified Indoor Antenna can be... Find out more
Improve the range and quality of your TV signal with the Philex SLx 27823RG/03 6-Way TV Signal Amplifier.If you live in a poor reception area or have inconsistent reception between rooms, the signal booster amplifies weak signals so that all your... Find out more
The high performance SLx Digitop Amplified Indoor TV Aerial receives all locally available digital TV signals, including Full HD channels, while a VHF antenna receives DAB and FM radio reception.For optimum performance the Digitop Aerial has a... Find out more
The One For All SV 9305 Performance Line Indoor TV Aerial is an excellent choice for enhanced indoor aerial reception. Thanks to its triple filters, you'll get a clearer signal and improved picture quality. Dual metal tubes provide optimal... Find out more
Receive both analogue and digital signals with the One For All Total Control SV1240 Amplified Indoor TV Aerial.A built-in amplifier boosts signal gain up to 42 dB, allowing you to use the aerial with confidence up to 9 miles away from your... Find out more

A TV aerial can help you get the best from your TV. If you’re not happy with the picture quality on your TV or you feel that the reception isn’t as good as it could be, adding a TV aerial can make a huge difference.

When your favourite TV show comes on, you want a crystal clear picture so you can fully enjoy your viewing experience and if the image on screen isn’t sharp, it can ruin your program. When you use a TV aerial, you can rest assured you won’t miss anything due to a fuzzy or flickering picture.

It’s no use having a state-of-the-art flat screen TV if you can’t get a high-quality picture. Our TV aerials can effectively deliver the signal to your screen and ensure you get the best possible picture, every time you turn on your TV.

Take a look at our range of Logik TV aerials, where you’ll find amplifying and non-amplifying aerials to suit all budgets and requirements. If you need an affordable TV aerial that will work with your TV and give you great reception, check out our Philex TV aerials.

If you’re looking to improve the picture quality on your TV, a TV aerial will help.

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