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TP-LINK is a global provider of SOHO & SMB networking products The World's No.1 provider of WLAN products, with products available in over 120 countries to tens of millions customers.

Committed to intensive R&D, efficient production and strict quality management, TP-LINK continues to provide award-winning networking products in Wireless, ADSL, Routers, Switches, IP Cameras, Powerline Adapters, Print Servers, Media Converters and Network Adapters.

Based on the confidence of tens of millions of customers, TP-LINK is now growing to become one of the most competitive providers of networking products with aspirations to become one of the top 3 networking brands in the world.

TP-LINK are striving for a larger global market share, while further advancing in the world of networking to better serve their most valued customers with products that make their lives easier.

Your home network's perfect solution

Range Extender - Extend your WiFI everywhere you need it

Key benefits of a range extender

  • Greatly extend existing wireless coverage.
  • Eliminate "dead zones" in the home or office.
  • Ideal for use with portable WiFi devices like Smartphones & Tablets.
  • Fast & Stable connection.

Set up tips

  • Plug the range extender into a wall socket next to the router and power it up.
  • Press the WPS button on the router first, then press the WPS button on the range extender.
  • Now, relocate the range extender to the ideal location and that's it. Enjoy!
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Powerline - Your Fast, Reliable and high performing Internet Connection

Key benefits of a powerline

  • Enjoy extended wired and Wi-Fi coverage with a Fast Ethernet / Gigabyite Ethernet connectivity.
  • Turns any plug socket into an internet connection.
  • Conveniently connects & boosts the performance of TVs, Game consoles or PCs.

Set up tips

  • 1. Plug both the adapters into the wall sockets and power them up.
  • Press the Pair button on first unit. Then press the pair button on the second unit.
  • Connect the first adapter via a network cable to the router. Connect the second adapter via a network cable to the device.
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Mobile Router - Anytime you are travelling or connectivity is essential use a mobile 3G/4G portable router

Key benefits of a mobile router

  • Wireless sharing with up to 10 Users simultaneously.
  • Provides you with a wireless hotspot wherever you are. Ideal for travelling.
  • TP-LINK 3G/4G devices are unlocked so they work with a wide range of mobile providers including: O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Three.

Set up tips

  • First unpack the package contents, then Insert the SIM Card and Battery into the mobile router.
  • Turn on the Mobile router and wait until the device is connected to the mobile network.
  • Now, Connect to the Wi-Fi signal from the Mobile router and that's It. Happy surfing!
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Router - Run Faster, Reach Further, Connect More

Key benefits of a Router

  • The Next Generation of Wi-Fi.
  • Easy to share printers, files or media with friends and family.
  • Enjoy great performance of 10+ devices in the office or home.
  • Superfast Wireless Speed with 802.11ac.

Set up tips

  • Plug the router into a wall socket and power it up.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned in the “Quick Installation Guide" to setup the router.
  • Once the setup Wizard is finished, connect your devices to the router and you're good to go!!!
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Switch - Connect multiple devices with a simple, secure and high speed Switch

Key benefits of a Switch

  • Connect multiple devices directly to your router.
  • If you have a Smart TV, Gaming Console, NAS box and media streamer, a switch will connect them all via an Ethernet cable.
  • Greatly expand your Network capacity, enabling instant large file transfer.
  • Fast & Stable connection.
  • Power users in the home, office, or creative production environment can now move large, bandwidth-intensive files, much faster when multiple devices are connected to a Fast Ethernet / Gigabit Ethernet multi-port Switch.

Set up tips

  • Plug the switch into a wall socket and power it up.
  • Connect a network cable from your router/Modem to the switch.
  • Connect a cable from the switch to the end devices. That's it!
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USB Wi-Fi Adapter - Upgrade your devices to next generation Wi-Fi

Key benefits of a USB Wi-Fi adapter

  • Supports 802.11ac standard.
  • 3 times faster than wireless N speeds.
  • Fast USB 3.0 -the latest USB connectivity standard.

Set up tips

  • Plug the Wireless USB Adapter into the Computer.
  • Follow the instruction from the "Installation guide" included, to install the adapter.
  • Select and connect to your Home Wi-Fi network and you're done.
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PCI Adapter - Powerful & Reliable Wi-Fi performance components

Key benefits of a PCI adapter

  • Internal components which connect your Windows PC to a high speed wireless network for online gaming, HD and 3D media streaming.
  • It connects to your computer's central processor unit to receive a wireless internet signal. This refers to our USB 3.0 hubs.

Set up tips

  • Install the Adapter into the PCI slot of the Computer. Refer to the "Installation guide" for the instructions.
  • Run the "Resource CD" included and follow the instructions to install the adapter.
  • Select and connect to your Home Wi-Fi network and you're done.
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