3D TVs

Immerse yourself in 3D to enjoy movies, games and sport. Don’t just watch it, experience it

You can enjoy some of the latest 3D blockbuster movies in the comfort of your own home with a 3D home entertainment system. The latest TVs offer Passive and Active 3D technology so you can choose the right option to suit you. You can also watch your favourite 2D content on your 3D TV.

Choose between the Passive 3D technology popular in cinemas or the advanced technology of Active 3D for an immersive experience. Visit a store near you for a demonstration of 3D viewing technologies.


Did you know?

You can watch 2D content on a 3D TV and the enhanced sceen techology improves the picture quality. 3D TVs can also convert 2D content into 3D, so you are not limited to what you can watch.

Active or Passive?


Uses more advanced technology, which requires the glasses to be powered to communicate directly with the TV. The TV synchronises the images with the glasses to ensure your eyes are getting the correct picture and arguably creating the most intense 3D experience at the highest resolution.


Much like the cinema experience, passive 3D uses polarising, non-powered glasses, which are cheap to buy and replace and lightweight. This is great if you have a family, as the glasses can get broken by over enthusiastic youngsters!

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