Picture Quality

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The picture quality of your TV is determined by the resolution, processing rate and screen type, so you’ll need to consider these when looking for a new TV. Full HD resolution provides images packed with detail, whilst 4k Ultra HD boasts four times the resolution of Full HD, so you can enjoy truly stunning images.

High processing rates keep motion on screen clear and blur-free, with higher processing rates providing higher quality viewing. LED and OLED TVs both provide bright and vivid images – however, as OLED TVs produce their own light, they are generally more energy efficient than LED TVs.

Did you know?

As standard, TVs are set-up by manufacturers to give the best picture in a store environment, not your home. The KnowHow Picture Perfect service can guide you through getting the very best picture settings for your specific room.

4K Ultra HD

With up to four times the resolution of Full HD, 4K Ultra HD produces superior picture quality and the sharpest image. Most models can offer advanced upscaling technology allowing you to enjoy 4K Ultra HD quality even without access to native content.

Things to know before you buy 4K Ultra HD

* A 4K Ultra HD panel has four times the resolution as a 1080p Full HD TV
* Full HD uses around two million pixels tp contruct the picture whereas 4K Ultra HD uses around eight million pixels
* The pixels on a 4K Ultra HD panel are so small that you are able to sit closer to the TV without a reduction in quality
* 4K Ultra HD TVs deliver sharper images with improved colour helping you to lose yourself in the experience
* You can watch standard HD channels and your Blu-rays and DVDs with an advanced processor on seletced models that upscale content

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OLED TVs product bright, vibrant colours with true depth and tone for a lifelike viewing experience. The OLED option will arguably provide the best possible picture. OLED technology is lightweight, super-thin and gives you crisp and vivid colour from wider viewing angles than either LED or LCD displays.

Things to know before you buy OLED TV

OLED uses organic cells which light up when they are exposed to electricity, providing more control over screen lighting. Each specific pixel is switched on and off to provide stunning contrast that perfectly complements high definition images. Since OLED displays do not require a backlight, pixels that are switched off are truly black, so OLED achieves deeper black levels and a higher contrast ratio when compared to LCD and LED TVs.

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