Smart TVs deliver a connected experience from the centre of your home

With a Smart TV, you can bring the best of the internet to your TV screen. Whether you want to enjoy catch up TV features, movies on demand, make the most of apps, or browse the internet, these televisions let you use your internet connection to enjoy online content.

There are a range of apps available that make watching TV even more entertaining. Choose from a range of social media apps, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as news and weather apps, and games you can play on your TV. It’s easy to connect your Smart TV to access even more content – simply use the built-in WiFi connection or connect your TV to your router using an Ethernet cable.

Did you know?

Smart TVs are opening up exciting new experiences, such as:
Sharing content with devices such as your tablet or smartphone, so you can always watch what you want, when you want.
You can use voice control, hand motions, mobile devices, smart remotes or a keyboard to control your Smart TV. Some models will even give content recommendations.

Smart TVs

These are similar to smartphone apps, but on a bigger screen. Catch up TV apps, such as BBC iPlayer, let you watch at a time to suit you, so you’ll never miss your favourite shows. Movies on demand and social networking apps are also available.

Connect to other Smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to share content and bring your digital life together in one place. Point, click and scroll with Smart remotes to get full control over your entertainment.

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