Perfect Sound

Complete your home entertainment experience with a sound system. Hear it to believe it

Bring big, bold sound to your favourite movies and shows with a home theatre kit, soundbar or Soundstage. There are options available for almost any space, and some soundbars can even be wall-mounted to save room. Offering booming bass and immersive sound quality, a soundbar, home theatre kit or Soundstage can make you feel like part of the on-screen action.

Enjoy more than just movie soundtracks with multi-room technology. Perfect for streaming music to speakers throughout your house, you can enjoy high quality audio in any room by using your home entertainment kit as a central hub.

Did you know?

Home cinema systems give the best all round performance with bigger sound and greater depth to feel a part of the action. A Soundstage is ideal as a discreet sound solution to be heard and not seen, while Soundbars offer stunning sound and crisp audio creating a truly immersive home cinema experience.


The multi-room experience transforms your home with multi-room technology to ensure you never miss your favourite song or a vital part of the action. Selected soundbars and soundstages can help to create an integrated solution - acting as a central hub, they can wirelessly connect to additional speakers, smartphones and tablets to create a stunning sound experience throughout your home.

By simply linking each speaker or device into one network - this enables you to control the music in each speaker independently- or all at once, meaning you can stream various music sources to each room through an app via one solution for ultimate ease and convenience. This means you can spend more time enjoying your favourite music, and less time changing devices.

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