SAMSUNG VG-KBD2000 Wireless Smart TV Keyboard

  • Compatible with Samsung Smart TVs
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Product code: 047314

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Connectivity Wireless
Numerical Pad No
Compatible with Samsung TVs:

60H6200, 32H6400, 40H6400, 48H6400, 50H6400, 55H6400, 65H6400, 75H6400, 32H6410, 40H6410, 48H6410, 55H6410, 40H6670, 48H6670, 55H6670, 40H7000, 46H7000, 55H7000, 60H7000, 48H8000, 55H8000, 65H8000, 55HU6900, 55HU7200, 65HU7200, 48HU7500, 55HU7500, 65HU7500, 75HU7500, 85HU7500, 55HU8200, 65HU8200, 55HU8500, 65HU8500, 78HU8500
Dimensions 317 x 124 x 10 mm (L x W x D)
Weight 451 g
Manufacturer guarantee 1 year