PHILEX DigiDome Amplified Outdoor TV Aerial

  • Amplified outdoor aerial up to 20 dB
  • Digital compatible
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to mount and install
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The Philex DigiDome Amplified Outdoor TV Aerial brings 21st century design and innovation to your home's TV reception!

Simple to install, the Philex DigiDome Amplified Outdoor TV Aerial is compact and discreet.  Compatible for FM, VHF and DAB, this aerial boasts a built-in signal booster and is manufactured with a weatherproof casing.

Change out your ugly rooftop aerials with the powerful and efficient Philex DigiDome Amplified Outdoor TV Aerial!

Product code: 367263

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Type Outdoor
Frequency range 47-862MHz / VHF 47-230MHz
Coverage 20 dB
Cable length 10 m
Weight 0.8 kg