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Give your 47 – 65” TV pride of place on the wall with the Sandstrom SFMGL15 Full Motion TV Bracket.It uses a gas spring and pivot structure for more ergonomic movement, allowing smooth and continuous vertical and horizontal adjustment in... Find out more
Top features: - Full motion allows you to find the most convenient position - Suitable for screen sizes up to 50" Full motion allows you to find the most convenient position The LFML16 TV Bracket can be adjusted with ease, allowing you to... Find out more
Use the lightweight and flexible Sandstrom SFMS14 Full Motion TV Bracket and enjoy easy wall-mounted television. Gives you a better view Compatible with sets featuring screens from 16" up to 32", this lightweight bracket lets you position your TV... Find out more
Enjoy the full range of motion available with the Thor 28089T Full Motion Curved TV Bracket.It's suitable for curved and flat screens from 40” to 80” in size and up to 45 kg in weight, and is simple to install in your home, office or... Find out more
The Proper Hydraulic Swing Arm Full Motion TV Bracket provides tilt and swivel adjustability for your television screen.The VESA plate is able to swivel 90° left and right and tilt from -20° - +10°, while the arm can be freely positioned in any... Find out more
Watch your large screen TV from the wall with the Sandstrom STL14 Tilt TV Bracket. Enjoy unrestricted views and free up floor space by mounting your set on the wall with this extremely low profile tilting bracket. Protruding just 24 mm from the... Find out more
The Sandstrom SFML16 Full Motion Sliding TV Bracket lets you safely and securely hang up and display TVs up to 70” in size from any position in the living area or bedroom.Thanks to its sturdy steel and aluminium construction, the Sandstrom Full... Find out more
Enjoy the full range of motion available with the Thor 28088T Full Motion TV Bracket.It's suitable for screens from 25” to 55” in size and up to 35 kg in weight, and is simple to install in your home, office or business.The bracket tilts from... Find out more
Mount your large screen TV for a more stylish and comfortable viewing experience with the sturdy Sanus LT25-B1 Tilt TV Bracket.Mounted entertainmentSuitable for 37" – 90" flat-panel TVs, the Sanus LT25 bracket features virtual axis titling... Find out more
The solid aluminium Proper Premium Swing Arm Full Motion TV Bracket comes conveniently pre-assembled.Suitable for 19 – 42” TVs, it swivels 90° left and right and can tilt from -15° – +15° to help you find the perfect angle. Find out more
The AVF GL404 Full Motion TV Bracket allows you to tilt your television up or down so that you don't have to strain your eyes or neck when relaxing in front of your favourite shows. Swivel the bracket left or right to see everything on the screen... Find out more
Enjoy better viewing angles by mounting your flat screen against the wall with the AVF GL601 Tilt TV Bracket . Easy to install, this TV bracket tilts so you can watch your favourite films and shows without straining your neck and eyes. A great... Find out more
  Suitable for movie nights or watching sports matches with friends, the TTAP TTD404DA1 Full Motion TV Bracket lets everyone in the room get the best viewing angle with its tilt and shift movement range. This TV bracket adjusts up and down as... Find out more
At just 67 mm from the wall, the Peerless-AV TRWS320 Tilt TV Bracket is an ideal space-saving solution that showcases the elegance of your flat-screen television. Tilt the TRWS310 TV Bracket forward or backward up to 15 degrees without any tools... Find out more
The Techlink TWM901 Fixed TV Bracket has an ultra thin profile letting you mount your flat screen TV at just 32 mm from the wall. It's simple to install and comes with fixing kits so you can do everythng yourself. It's perfect for larger screen... Find out more
Create a new look for your home enteraintment system with the Alphason Unifit ADUNIFIT-BKT Fixed TV Bracket, designed for use with the Alphason Finewoods Soundbar and Hugo TV Stands.Suitable for televisions between 37 – 60” in size, it helps... Find out more

When you have a state of the art flat screen TV, you need to know it is secure and safe when you attach it to your wall. No matter what size your flat screen is, you’ll find affordable and reliable TV wall brackets are available in a range of styles from a number of manufacturers.

A large flat screen TV completes any living room or bedroom and wall mounting your TV will only add to the cinematic viewing experience. An adjustable TV wall bracket will allow you to find the perfect position for your TV and hold it in place when you’ve found the ideal angle. TV wall brackets are lightweight, easy to install and can hold an impressive amount of weight for their size.

If you have a 70” TV, try the Sandstrom SFLE14 Medium to Large Fixed TV Bracket. It features an ultra slim lock-and-release mechanism to help you mount and secure your TV quickly and easily. The Sandstrom SFLE14 is a low profile bracket, meaning your TV will hang flush to that wall like a picture frame. Sandstrom wall brackets come in a versatile range of styles and sizes.

Whether you’ve invested in a new plasma flat screen or you’re looking to upgrade your home cinema by mounting your current TV to the wall, a TV wall bracket is the ideal solution.

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