Things to think about when buying a washing machine

From huge capacities, advanced washing cycles and extremely efficient energy ratings to reduced noise levels and super fast spin speeds, washing machines have never been more advanced or more tailored to your needs. Here at Currys we have the most knowledgable experts in the business to help guide you through the different features, and help you choose which one is most important to you and your family. When you're ready, you can learn more about our complete product range from all the leading brands or discover our range of unbeatable services including next day delivery, expert installation, free recycling and full product protection.

Learn more about the key features and benefits of modern washing machines with our guide below...


Capacity is simple when it comes to washing machines, the bigger the drum, the more you can wash. A 1 kg capacity is roughly equivalent to an outfit, including: a pair of trousers, a top, underwear and socks.

The bigger the capacity, the fewer washes you have to do, cutting down on your bills and benefiting the environment. Ranging from a small 5 kg to a huge 12 kg, we have a washing machine to suit every size of household. If you have a larger family or do larger loads on a regular basis, try a high capacity drum.

Spin speed

Spin speeds range from 1000 to 1600 revolutions per minute (rpm). Faster spin speeds extract more moisture leaving clothes dryer when they come out of the machine. This is perfect for items like jeans that require a lot of drying time, or for when you are looking for getting that must-have outfit ready and dry without having to use a tumble dryer. Perfect for those who prefer to hang their clothes out to dry but don't want to wait too long!

A few latest technology programmes to look out for...

Gentle wash

  • Perfect for delicates or silk
  • Lasting clothing quality
  • Better efficiency

Quieter performing

  • Reduced noise functions to reduce disturbance
  • Ideal for open plan living
  • Look out for whisper-quiet motors or anti-vibration design
  • Machines under 50 dB(A) make about the same noise as a fridge humming

Intelligent systems

  • Detect load capacity & adjust water level
  • Automatic detergent dosing
  • Programs to remove all traces of allergens
  • Optimised cycles balancing detergent to water consumption

Steam programming

  • Quickly refresh your wash
  • Great for removing allergens
  • Reduce creases
  • Remove odours
  • Some steam programmes can even wash 'dry clean only' items

Noise level

Our machines range from 45 dB(A) to 61 dB(A) during a wash cycle with any machine under 50 dB(A) making approximately the same noise as a refrigerator humming.

A quiet washing machine can be crucial in open plan living and great for those with young families or who prefer late night washing. It's handy when you're trying to watch your favourite TV programmes too!

Quick wash

The quick wash feature is fantastic for those who are pressed for time or have a smaller load they need cleaned. Lots of modern machines now have a quick wash function on them, with some taking as little as 14 minutes for a small load.

Energy rating

Cut costs and help the environment with an energy efficient washing machine. All our washing machines are rated from A+++ (most efficient) down to ‘A’, depending on their electricity consumption and water usage.

When buying a washing machine, check out the technical information on 'annual consumption' for a guide to energy efficiency levels which will help you compare how efficient they are. The lower the water and energy consumption, the more you'll save on your bills.


The modern range of washing machines are all built to last for a long time, but some brands are so confident in the quality of their design, they will offer extra long warranties.

Manufacturers like Miele do such rigorous testing on their machines, they claim they can last for 20 years! A range of brands offer 5 year guarantees on their most rigorously tested machines, which will cover you against standard mechanical breakdown.

Even though you can get extended guarantees, these almost always will not protect you against accidental damage or mishaps. Our Whatever Happens Care Plans can protect your washing machine for up to 5 years for as little as £3 per month.

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Our Knowhow team are experts in support and services - from delivery to installation, recycling to protection and ongoing advice and support, the Knowhow team are here to help you every step of the way.

  • Delivery Van

    Your washing machine delivered next day for £10 or for free if you can wait two days

    Our delivery service is available 7 days a week in most areas and is free if you’re happy to wait. Alternatively you can choose next day delivery if you place your order before 10pm the day before. You can even book a specific 4 hour time slot on your preferred delivery day. All washing machines will show if they are available for delivery. To pick your preferred delivery, add your washing machine to your basket and proceed to the checkout.

  • Recycle

    We'll take your old one away and recycle it for free

    When we deliver your new appliance, we’ll recycle your old one to save you the trouble. Unlike many other retailers it’s completely free and we’ll take away all the packaging too. Please note that you will need to disconnect your old product before we arrive unless you have purchased installation.

  • Installation

    We can install your new one when we deliver for just £20

    To save you the hassle, our Knowhow team of experts can install your washing machine for you when they deliver. We’ll disconnect and remove your old machine, plumb in the new one, then check that everything works as it should. You can book installation at the same time you order your new appliance and arrange delivery, whether you order online or in store.

  • Whatever happens

    Protect your washing machine for as little as £3 a month

    Unfortunately, mishaps and breakdowns do happen on occasions, often when it’s least convenient. In these instances, one of our care plans is invaluable, saving you the time, trouble and expense of an unexpected repair visit. With two levels of protection to choose from, our plans will cover all parts and labour, plus a promise to replace the appliance if we can’t fix it. Select a care plan option in your basket.