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Withings create innovative smart technology and apps that fit into your lifestyle, rather than making you change the way you live. They let you keep an eye on the information that matters the most, so you improve your everyday wellbeing, take your fitness further, and take steps towards better long term health.

This ecosystem of apps and smart devices gives you the power and motivation to shape every aspect of your health and achieve your perfect lifestyle balance. Withings users aren’t superheroes. They’re real people who want to care of themselves without sacrificing food, fun, and lifestyle.

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Smart Body Analyzer

The Smart Body Analyser is an advanced WiFi scale for the whole family which measures weight, BMI, body fat, and heart rate. It automatically syncs with your phone and gives you easy to understand visualisations of your progress.

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Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Activite Pop

Combining a timeless look with the latest technology, the Activite Pop lets you keep an eye on your health without compromising on style. Running, walking, swimming, and sleep tracking keep you motivated, while automatic time setting and more mean it’s effortless to use.

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Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch

Pulse Ox

With advanced health tracking, including heartrate and blood oxygen level, the Pulse Ox gives you the information you need to reach your physical best. It can be worn as a band, slipped into a pocket, or clipped onto a belt or clothing for complete versatility.

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Withings Pulse Ox

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

The medically-approved Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is ideal for monitoring your health and treatment for high or low blood pressure. It’s simple to use and gives you easy to understand charts of your previous and current blood pressure, which can easily be shared with your doctor.

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Withings Blood Pressure Monitor


Keep an eye on your home and family from wherever you are with the Withings Home. Receive alerts direct to your smartphone when activity in your home in detected, view events from the past few hours, or view a quick time-lapse of the previous 48 hours to make sure you’re always aware of what’s going on.

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Withings Smart Home

Aura Total Sleep System

Wake up gradually to natural light or the music you love with the Aura Total Sleep System. It can even help you fall asleep with colours and sounds optimised to help you drift off naturally.

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Aura Total Sleep System

Health Mate

Health Mate is an app that works with all of your Withings devices and tracks your weight, heartrate, blood pressure, sleep cycles, and more. It’s available on both Android and iOS devices.

Steps, distance, running

Swimming (waterproof)

Sleep analysis

Silent vibrating alarm

Blood oxygen level

Heart rate

Weight and body fat

Indoor air quality

Blood pressure


2 weeks