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Tablets are sleek and lightweight, and can travel almost anywhere with you; from movies on the plane to magazines on the bus, tablets are rapidly becoming our favourite way to have fun on the move. They start in seconds and are easy to use, letting you control apps, browse websites and play games using just the swipe of your finger.

This year we’ve been impressed by the innovation, convenience and performance of tablets and with so many amazing models on offer, we’ve decided to build our world of tablets to help find the best one for you.

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Whether you want to stream movies or post photos on-the-go, your tablet’s screen is your portal to portable computing. There are three key aspects for you to consider and these are screen size, resolution and touch type.

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Downloading applications is the best way to get the most out of your device. The three main stores include Apple’s App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store - read our buying guide to find out more about them.

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One of the best things about a tablet is that it can always be online, providing continuous access to the latest news and social updates. Purchase your tablet with an internet data plan or consider mobile WiFi and share a hotspot between all your devices.

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Memory/Storage capacity

Storage comes in many forms including internal storage, memory cards and web-based, cloud storage. Read our buying guide to find out more about storage options for tablet computers.

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Single-core processors will support basic tasks such as browsing Twitter, sending emails and playing games. If you’re looking for something special consider a quad-core processor, for extremely smooth multitasking and all-day battery life.

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Most tablets will have a rear-facing camera for capturing photo and video. However if you want to video chat with FaceTime or Skype you’ll need to look for a tablet with a front-facing camera.

Visit our buying guide features section for more info

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Automatically back up files, photos, music and videos from your computers securely online with Knowhow Cloud. Access your backed up files from anywhere on your new tablet

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