Zanussi refrigeration

Take a look at the Zanussi refrigeration appliances that suit any size of space, to cool food for freshness, longevity and total convenience. With the latest in cooling technology these appliances maintain humidity levels for longer lasting freshness.

These frost-free refrigeration units have simple but stylish exteriors that blend into your kitchen environment.

With a range of Zanussi fridge freezers from American fridge freezers to integrated fridge freezers, you are sure to find your perfect kitchen match.

Zanussi fridges and freezers use less energy and boast efficient energy ratings, saving you money! These cool models have the features, technology and conveniences to make for a perfect food storage solution.

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Refrigeration features

Fast Freeze Function

You can keep your food fresher and safer by switching on the fast freeze before heading to the supermarket. This function lowers the temperature, protecting your contents and rapidly freezes, before automatically returning to the preset temperature.


Zanussi’s Clima+ technology works by ensuring every part of the fridge is cooled evenly.

LED Lighting

With ultra energy efficient and bright LED lighting you can be sure of perfect visibility of your fridge contents.

Electronic Controls

Operate your cooling appliance with precise temperature control through simple internal electronics or advanced external multi-function LCD controls.

No Frost

Save your time and never manually defrost again as Zanussi offer frost-free freezers that defrost themselves!

Maxi Box

Ideal for Christmas time the maxi box allows you to store larger items such as a turkey. Convenient handles make it easy to load too.


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