Cool energy saving fridge tips

If you've been shopping for an appliance, you might have noticed that some of them are assigned a special energy efficiency rating. Well, that system has been revamped by the government. So, in March 2021, energy labels on our products in-store and online changed.

The new system is designed to be less confusing and more helpful than the old one. That's because we've moved from a system that ranged from A+++ to F, to one that simply goes from A to G.

How pause and add on your washing machine can help you go green

In the bad old days, once your washing machine was loaded up, frothing with detergent and started its cycle, there was no turning back. You’ve filled your machine with your entire washing basket only to find a stray sock too late to join in.

Top washing machine makers know our pain and have added pause and add functions. Not only do these lifesavers make our laundry mistakes much easier to put right, they could help you get greener and save money on your bills. Sounds like a pretty epic win!

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