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What is 4k?

A 4K TV provides rich colours, high contrast and exceptional detail to provide excellent home entertainment. Ultra High Definition (or UHD) packs up to four times the number of pixels of a high definition TV onto the screen. Eight million pixels mean that your TV delivers truly stunning detail and depth with vibrant colour and fine textures. As the on-screen action won't suffer as you move closer, you can sit slightly closer to the screen to immerse yourself in your entertainment.

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High Dynamic Range explained

Many new Ultra HD TVs feature High Dynamic Range (HDR) - this superior standard of content aims to display colours as closely to real life as possible. HDR delivers a wide range of accurate colours, as well as brighter whites and deeper blacks for better contrast. Not only does this keep colours true-to-life with blended tones, but it also adds to the on-screen detail, letting you pick out detail in shadows.

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4K Ultra HD Premium

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4K Ultra HD Premium


Ultra HD Premium provides the very best viewing, with the most accurate colours, brightness and clarity available for stunning viewing. To be classed as 4K Ultra HD Premium, TVs must have a 3840 x 2160 resolution and conform to imaging standards for brightness and colour. This means that you can enjoy the very best viewing with a 4K Ultra HD Premium TV.

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Quantum Dot explained

Quantum Dot TVs enhance the colour of images on your TV to provides a wide colour palette for true-to-life colour, darker blacks for excellent contrast and delivers stunning picture quality. Quantum Dot technology uses a layer of small crystals within in the screen that use the TV backlight. The crystals break down the light released from the backlight to produce a larger spectrum of colour, bringing more vibrant colour and darker blacks.

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What can I watch in 4K?

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Netflix - Enjoy 4K content thanks to 4K Netflix streaming on a compatible TV, perfect for your favourite box sets.

BT Sport - Get even closer to the action with BT Sport in Ultra HD, perfect for watching football, rugby and racing.

YouTube - Watch videos in high resolution thanks to 4K YouTube videos - simply stream the video on your UHD 4k TV.

Sky Q Box 4K Ready - Delivering 4K content and featuring recording and streaming, Sky Q is the perfect package to enjoy all the latest shows.

Amazon Prime - Enjoy TV shows and movies in 4K with Amazon Prime video streaming on your compatible TV.

4k Blu-ray Player - Watch the latest 4K Blu-ray releases on a 4K Blu-ray player, specifically designed to create a stunning picture.

PlayStation 4 Pro - Experience supercharged 4k graphics on every game and film with HDR colour and upscaled imagery.

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Upscaling makes everything clearer

4K Ultra HD TVs are unique as they have the ability to make today's content appear better than it ever has. They have powerful built-in processors that can upscale content by up to four times the resolution of Full HD picture quality. Trusted brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic offer this benefit to bring vibrant colour, vivid contrast and incredible depth to regular Full HD content.

Benefits of upscaling

If you have a 4K Ultra HD TV with upscaling, you won't need to wait for 4K content to be available to enjoy 4K picture quality. As 4K content becomes more popular and more widely available, you will be able to enjoy it in its full resolution on your 4K Ultra HD TV, without a moment's delay.