About Zanussi

Zanussi have been making lives easier for decades. The technology savvy appliances combine Italian flair with quality.

The brand began back in 1916, a young man named Antonio Zanussi made stoves in North East Italy and now, nearly a century on the brand has developed through experience and technology to provide some the most innovative appliances out there.

Zanussi has a wide range of kitchen appliances that all share the same interest…to make your life easier!

These beautifully crafted appliances are all designed to make your daily tasks as simple as they can be. Make your life easier and choose from a range of stylish, reliable and affordable Zanussi appliances.

Zanussi technology

The Zanussi kitchen appliances are built with innovative technology to offer more features and programs to makes your daily chores a breeze, saving you time, money and trouble!

Discover a range of Zanussi products which combine intelligence, convenience and power.

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