Aeg ultracaptic bagless vacuum
Aeg perfekt in form un funktion
Aeg ultracaptic bagless vacuum cleaner for fast and hygienic clean

The AEG UltraCaptic AllFloor bagless vacuum cleaner is designed to provide you with a more hygienic way to dispose of your dust and pet hairs.

Equipped with a parketto nozzle, it is perfect for people with multiple floor types at home. Its incredible suction power will help you clean the messiest floors with ease, with waste disposal a doddle.

In sophisticated watermelon red, the UltraCaptic AllFloor also boasts amazing cleaning performance, superb suction power of 300 airwatts to tackle even the deepest clean, quieter running volumes and superior handling with pinpoint manoeuvrability.

The UltraCaptic AllFloor comes with a 5 year guarantee.

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Key Features

  •  aeg ultracaptic powerful spotless clean

    Powerful cleaning

    The new UltraCaptic has 300 airwatts of powerful suction to ensure quick, spotless results. The new AeroPro Silent nozzle is optimized for powerful cleaning of different surfaces.

  • aeg ultracaptic top class filters prevents allergies

    HEPA 13 allergy filtration

    Top of the class filter that traps even the smallest particles and will let out nothing but fresh air. Not bad, especially if someone in your family suffers from allergies. This filter is washable.

  •  3 in 1 for all your cleaning needs

    AeroPro 3-in-1 tool integrated

    The small nozzle has no less than three functions. It features a brush, crevice nozzle and an upholstery nozzle – all in one handy tool. Since you can easily stow it away in the vacuum cleaner, it’s always at hand.

  • Cleaner and easier emptying

    With ‘Compact & Go’ you compact the dust before emptying allowing for a controlled disposal of compacted dust. When you compact the dust you also gain capacity and can continue to vacuum longer.

    Compact & Go solution compacts the dust in three easy steps before emptying
    compact & go in 3 easy steps compact & go in 3 easy steps compact & go in 3 easy steps
  •  Ultracaptic vacuum makes it easy to manoeuvre around the house

    Easy to manoeuvre

    UltraCaptic is easy to manoeuvre with soft wheels and both vertical and horizontal storage options.