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Cool, retro, and arguably one of the best ways to listen to music; if you’ve not got a turntable yet, then what are you waiting for? We’ve got vinyl turntables to suit every music lover’s style and budget.

Gone are the days of his master’s voice and turntables it would take three men (and their dog) to carry. With compact, portable pieces and even turntables with in-built speakers, there’s no need to compromise on space to get that unmistakable vinyl sound. And it’s not just vinyls – with models featuring usb ports, Bluetooth connectivity, CD, and even cassette players, you can listen to your whole music back-catalogue, no matter what era you want to tune in to.

For sleek design and full manual control, Sony have you covered. The PS-HX500 Belt Drive model connects effortlessly with your PC, allowing you to transfer your records to HDDs and keep your favourite music with you wherever you go. Or, if you’re just looking for a machine that lets you listen to your vinyls in their original format, check out Jam turntables and their wallet-friendly ‘Sound’ model, featuring a vintage-style wood finish and built-in speakers.

Audio Technica turntables range from the simple and sleek, two speed AT-LP3 to the AT-LP5X Direct Drive record turntable, that allows for digital conversion onto your PC or Mac, meaning you can take even your oldest records with you, wherever you go.

And for the interior design lover (who’s also a music afficionado), nothing gets cooler than House of Marley turntables . With bamboo plinths and an iconic aluminium platter, just connect one of these babies to your hifi system and you’ll be grooving from dusk until dawn.

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