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Experiencing your favourite games at their very best demands a computer that’s up to the task. If you’re a PC gamer that means kitting yourself out with a dedicated gaming PC that’s powerful enough to deliver fast, fluid graphics and breakneck gameplay. Luckily, we’ve got a great choice of PCs that have been specifically designed to do just that.

Featuring the latest models from leading PC manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo and Asus, our huge selection of gaming PCs covers a broad spectrum of price points, meaning there should be something to match most budgets. whatever the price, all our gaming PCs have one thing in common – they’re designed to satisfy the needs of serious gamers.

At the heart of the best gaming PCs is a cutting-edge graphics card that can process gorgeous graphics at lightning fast speeds, ensuring utterly absorbing lag-free performance. Our top models don’t disappoint. Gaming specialists like Alienware employ the latest GPUs alongside overclocked processors to propel gaming performance to the next level, while leading PC brands like Acer develop gaming PCs that are precisely tailored to optimise gaming performance, Look out for next generation tech, like NVIDIA Turing architecture, 10th gen processors and real-time ray tracing if you want to experience maxed-out gaming.

Our gaming PCs might be designed to deliver gamer-centric performance but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of performing other tasks just as well. In fact, gaming PCs are typically high spec, which means they’re equally adept if you want to perform processor an GPU intensive tasks like video editing. It goes without saying that everyday tasks like word processing and web browsing will be a breeze.


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