What is Echo Show?

Voice response from Alexa, Amazon's intuitive AI assistant, is taken to the next level with Echo Show - thanks to a built-in screen. You can see watch live video feeds from home cameras, video call family and friends and see news flashes, plus much more.

With eight microphones, beamforming technology and noise cancellation, Echo Show hears all your voice commands clearly even when the room is noisy. You can also enjoy music thanks to a powerful built-in speaker made by Dolby. When you want to use Echo Show, just say the wake word “Alexa”, and the Echo Show will be ready to answer your request.

Come together

Echo Show lets you video call anyone who has a compatible device or the Alexa App, so you can get together more with loved ones. Simply ask Echo Show to call someone in your contacts list and you’re ready to talk.

Drop In is a great feature that lets you send messages to family, such as letting them know it’s dinner time or purely for a quick chat. The Alexa App also lets you call or message your Echo Show at home if you’re out and about. Simply download the latest app on your phone (just make sure it’s iOS 9 or higher or Android 5.0 or higher).

The Dolby speaker inside the Echo Show delivers deep bass tones, crisp vocals and crystal-clear treble for premium, balanced sound. The display also comes alive when you listen, showing lyrics, custom stations, playlists and album art from Amazon Music. You can also play music across several compatible speakers throughout the house from multiple services including Amazon Music and TuneIn. Though you can't stream across different speakers with Bluetooth, you can use Bluetooth to stream subscription music services, like Apple Music.

A good listener

The Echo Show has eight microphones with beamforming technology plus noise-cancellation for impressive hearing capabilities. This means even if the room is noisy, the Echo Show will hear you – just say "Alexa".

Control your house with your voice

Make life easier by dimming the lights, turning down the thermostat or turning off your tumble dryer with a simple command to Alexa. You can also change the channel on your TV and select movies or TV shows from Fire TV and other select Sony, Dish, and Logitech devices. Echo Show works with hundreds of household appliances, from lights and switches, to smart locks and coffee makers from manufacturers like WeMo, Phillips Hue, SmartThings, Insteon, Nest, ecobee and Wink.

Always getting smarter

Echo Show is powered by Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa, which uses AI to get smarter the more you use it. Alexa can learn your vocabulary, your tastes and routine. Alexa is also cloud-based, so any updates or new features will automatically sync with Echo Show.

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Echo Show

Overview Add Alexa to any room. Room filling sound with six fabrics or finishes The simple way to start your smart home Stylish and compact Echo with a screen Optimised for visuals and room filling sound
Speaker size 0.6" speaker 2.5" woofer and 0.6" tweeter 2.5" woofer and 0.8" tweeter 1.4" speaker Dual 2.0" speakers
Screen size       2.5" screen 7.0" screen
Dual speakers with room-filling sound, powered by Dolby    
Play video from Amazon video and more      
Built-in hub for simple setup of compatible smart home devices.        
Streaming Wi-Fi music (including Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora and more)
Line-out with 3.5 mm cable or Bluetooth Bluetooth only
Free audio calls to US, Mexico and Canada
Control smart home devices

Technical details