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The iPhone 7 Plus is undoubtedly Apple’s finest phone to date. Designed to accommodate all the requirements of the most demanding smartphone user, this 5.5-inch version of the new iPhone 7 ups the ante even further by accompanying its bigger and better display with a host of performance enhancing features that have the power to seriously upgrade your iPhone experience.

Make no mistake, the iPhone 7 Plus isn’t just a bigger version of the latest iPhone. This is a significantly enhanced proposition. Naturally, the larger display ensures that the Plus offers a noticeably better camera experience than the standard model but, beyond the clear photographic advantages of a big HD Retina screen, the iPhone Plus also incorporates two rear-facing 12 MP cameras. One offers a wide-angle lens and the other a telephoto, complete with a 2x optical zoom that allows you to capture close, detailed photos without needing to move or sacrifice image quality.

The iPhone 7 Plus is also speedier than previous iterations thanks to a lightning fast quad-core A10 Fusion processor that offers 40% improved performance on the 6S Plus, as well as 3GB of RAM – a whole GB more than the iPhone 7. If you’re into gaming on the go, the iPhone 7 Plus delivers the speed to take the experience to another level.

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